New Windows 8 OS unveiled

New Windows 8 OS unveiled

Microsoft has launched its new mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8, at a media event in San Francisco, but admitted that it will not work on existing Windows Phone handsets.

The new software has been built on the same core code as its upcoming Windows 8 tablet and PC operating system.

Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Huawei will all produce phones running the new system, which will feature voice commands, Skype calling, near-field communication (NFC) for wireless transactions and built-in Nokia maps with turn-by-turn navigation.

The phones will have an updated start screen in Microsoft's new Metro style, which centres on touchable tiles, making navigation easier.

Microsoft claims that the use of the common core means users of its devices will have a greater choice of handsets and applications.

But existing devices such as Nokia's Lumia range, which runs the current Windows Phone 7.5 version, won't be able to update to the next version.