Motorola launches first Intel-powered smartphone

Motorola launches first Intel-powered smartphone

Motorola has released its first Intel-powered smartphone device, which is based on a mid-range model sold in the US.

The device, known as the Razr i, has the backing of Intel and Google and has been regarded by experts as Intel's first prolonged attempt to crack the smartphone market.

It has a 4.3-inch display, making it bigger than Apple's iPhone 5, but smaller than Samsung's top-selling Galaxy S3 and HTC's One X.

The Motorola device will also feature a new Intel Atom chip which runs at 2 gigahertz, a significant improvement on the 1.6GHz model that was included in a recent Orange-branded model launched in the UK in May.

Intel explained that the new chip also includes a new image signal processor that has been designed specifically to work with Motorola technology, improving the picture-taking process.

The single-core CPU (central processing unit) design for its latest chip features hyper-threading, allowing its single core to carry out two tasks in parallel, which means it can complete calculations more quickly, and thus shut down the processor faster.