Most firms still failing at BYOD security

Most firms still failing at BYOD security

BYOD security is still coming up short at most firms, new research has found, with employees failing to take simple security measures in order to protect their data. 

New research reported on Business News Daily revealed that 86 per cent of workers use a smartphone for both professional and private purposes. This figure is up on last year’s 84 per cent, indicating that the BYOD trend is still growing.

Despite this, almost half of those workers surveyed admitted they have no passcode to protect their mobile devices. 

However, even those who do use passwords are not doing so in the best way possible, it was found. Indeed, password security was revealed to be lacking, with 30 per cent of respondents using a single password for all their accounts, and 61 per cent keeping a written record of them.

This severe lack of BYOD security may not be the fault of the workers alone, however, with 47 per cent of respondents claiming their IT department had not discussed the issue with them. What’s more, 44 per cent said their companies have no formal BYOD policy, indicating that security is not being addressed at all in many cases. 

It was found, however, that companies have improved when it comes to cyber security. More companies than ever have the ability to remotely remove data from mobile devices that have been lost, stolen or locked. Last year more than half of companies were unable to carry out this task, compared to just one-third in 2013. 

Rick Dakin, chief executive and chief security strategist at Coalfire, commented: “We are surprised to see results so similar to last year regarding security on tablets and smartphones, especially considering the attention that has been placed on this issue.”

“The results demonstrate that businesses are not using effective methods to protect critical infrastructure. Security awareness training for tablet and smartphone users should be a top priority for all organizations.”