More smartphone users opting for VoIP communication

More smartphone users opting for VoIP communication

More and more smartphone users in Europe and US are taking advantage of mobile VoIP services.

A report published by Analysys Mason revealed that four per cent of smartphone users are now using VoIP more than traditional voice services when using their mobile phone.

The reliability of the communications provided by VoIP providers means that the technology is becoming more than just an alternative to fixed-line phone services.

"As more people use VoIP as their primary voice service, then ever larger numbers of individual users' key contacts will be contactable through VoIP apps," Analysys Mason said.

The firm also revealed that the use of Skype on Android-powered phones and iPhones has skyrocketed in recent months, with Chaim Haas, a spokesperson for Skype, claiming that the application has been downloaded 70 million times on Google Play.

Skype chief executive Tony Bates noted this summer that "the importance of mobile and Skype's commitment to cross-platform accessibility is paramount.

"While most of the current Skype user activity is on PCs, iPhone is our top platform for downloads, and Android is our fastest-growing platform," he noted.