Mobile VoIP set for boom

Mobile VoIP set for boom

The global mobile voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is set to boom in the coming years, according to a report into the industry conducted by Technavio.

Figures indicate that the compound annual growth rate of mobile VoIP will be 64.6 per cent over the period 2011-2015.

The report showed that the increasing global network and wireless broadband capabilities will help businesses use VoIP regularly.

An analyst from TechNavio, the author of the report, said the market has witnessed the emergence of many new players due to the low entry costs and the significant benefits the technology provides to businesses.

"This trend is expected to grow in the next few years with the market expected to witness the emergence of new global and regional players," the spokesperson added.

The demand for mobile VoIP is growing as businesses are embracing flexible working practices.

VoIP allows businesses to operate multiple sites or connect employees in various locations for free without the client knowing that people are not working in the same place.