Mobile video conferencing becoming increasingly important

Mobile video conferencing becoming an increasingly important part of enterprise systems

The use of video conferencing is nothing new for many enterprises, with businesses in various industries beginning to recognise the benefits, such as increased flexibility higher levels of productivity and efficiency.

A key part of the technology is the ability to link far-flung destinations and offices together, allowing seamless levels of communication in a virtual environment free from physical boundaries.

Traditionally, these systems have still had limitations, the most notable being they are often bound to in-office environments. Yet that could soon be about to change, with some companies now reaping the rewards of having video conferencing solutions on their tablets and smartphones.

The availability of high-bandwidth networks has extended its reach almost everywhere, meaning it is now easier than ever to make mobile solutions a part of any successful corporate system.

Video conferencing is no different and a shift towards a mobile environment could be something of a game-changer for many firms.

For instance, employees working on the ground performing maintenance tasks can now use video conferencing to get tips or advice from their colleagues about how best to approach the job, all in real time.

Off-site experts can therefore gain a solid grasp as to what exactly is happening in the field and offer advice accordingly.

Not only does this eliminate the need for senior members of staff to physically come down to the site – a process that is often time-consuming and financially costly – but it also results in employees being able to do their jobs to a higher standard more easily, thus making the whole company more effective and efficient.