Mobile device management ‘essential’ for IT managers

Mobile device management ‘essential’ for IT managers

With the growth of the bring your own device (BYOD) trend, businesses organisations need to place added focus on mobile device management (MDM), according to one industry expert.

IT analyst Gartner believes that MDM has become "a crucial discipline" for IT departments, as more and more members of staff start to use smartphones and tablet computers for business purposes.

Terrence Cosgrove, research director at Gartner, claimed that the time of supporting a range of company-owned devices is ending, in favour of an era of managed diversity in which tiered support for employee-owned, consumer-class devices is the norm.

"With the unabated growth of consumerisation, IT leaders need to implement MDM to manage corporate and employee-owned devices," he stated.

With around 50 per cent of firms supporting employee-owned devices the ability to control what happens if a smartphone or tablet is lost or stolen is vital.

"A variety of factors come into play here, including device ownership, security, compliance, application delivery and device usability," said Mr. Cosgrove.