Mobile device management can limit BYOD concerns

Mobile device management can limit BYOD concerns

Despite the rapid growth of the bring your own device (BYOD) trend in the UK and around the world, some IT managers are still concerned about the security risks associated with the development.

Smartphone and tablet proliferation is continuing at a rapid pace and more and more firms are allowing their workers to incorporate their own devices into an everyday workload.

Michael Thorne, product director for, explained that there are still concerns associated with the safety of data and the corporate network.

Mobile device management is one way firms can limit their exposure to data leaks as it allows an increased level of security as sensitive corporate data can be wiped remotely should a device be lost of stolen.

Mr Thorne also pointed to disaster recovery as a potential issue for the failure for some firms to implement a BYOD policy.

Workers accessing information on platforms that are not within the corporate network will be faced with a major challenge if there are any issues when it comes to disaster recovery and business continuity.