Mid-market firms on top of BYOD

Mid-market firms on top of BYOD

Mid-market firms are more or less completely on top of any concerns that arise from the implementation a of a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy.

That is the main finding of a new survey conducted by Good Technology, which found that the majority of industries in the mid-market range boast a BYOD penetration rate of around 50 per cent.

Indeed the only sectors to record a lower rate were manufacturing (33 per cent), wholesale (33 per cent), energy (35 per cent) and government (45 per cent).

Interestingly, one of the highest rates was recorded for companies in the legal sector, with penetration reaching a level as high as 72 per cent.

A total of 459 IT decision makers from companies earning between $200 million (£124.29 million) and $999 million (£620.85 million) took part in the survey.

Nearly half (48.2 per cent) of companies said both IT and end users were concerned about privacy in regards to mobile device management (MDM), while 54.5 per cent said "other IT priorities" meant their company had not managed to get round to implementing an adequate MDM.

Another interesting finding from the survey was that fact that multiple apps were seen as being key to the mobile strategy of an organisation.

Around one in ten respondents said their company had managed to deploy over six third party or custom mobile apps over the course of the last year.

Overall, nearly a quarter (24 per cent) claimed they expected to roll six or more apps over the next 12 months, with secure email (35.9 per cent), instant messaging (31.7 per cent) and intranet browsers (28.6 per cent) found to be the most popular.

The report therefore concludes that in a system with numerous apps, devices and operating systems, a good MDM and BYOD policy is vital to maintaining high levels of productivity and flexibility.