Microsoft unveils tablet-friendly version of Office

Microsoft unveils tablet-friendly version of Office

Microsoft has launched its new version of Office that can be used on touch screen devices.

The new software has been designed with the Microsoft Surface in mind, although it has been created so that programs can run easily on multiple devices connected to the internet.

Programs will store documents online via Microsoft's SkyDrive cloud technology as a default and also remember settings, including where users last left off with a document, meaning it can be picked up again in different locations, perfect for flexible workers.

The new version of Office will also boast an Inkling feature, which allows users to write a handwritten note on the screen with a stylus that can then be automatically converted to text.

For business users a new reading mode has been created which makes it much easier to read documents on tablets by transforming them into an e-book.

Microsoft's chief executive Steve Ballmer told a press conference: 'This is the most ambitious release of Office that we have ever done.'