Microsoft Surface tablet to be Wi-Fi only

Microsoft Surface tablet to be Wi-Fi only

The new tablet from Microsoft, the Surface, will be launched in October and will only connect to the internet via Wi-Fi at first.

Reports suggest that the tablet, which was launched by the technology giant's chief executive Steve Ballmer last week, will have no connection to mobile phone networks.

Ben Barjarin, an analyst at Creative Strategies, a US technology consulting firm, told Bloomberg that Microsoft's decision to launch with a Wi-Fi-only model could be to ensure costs are low.

"The way that Microsoft is positioning this product – that it's highly mobile but also has the functionality of a notebook – that customer might be more interested in working from any location and not being bound by Wi-Fi," he added.

Microsoft hopes that the new device will allow users to replace their Apple iPads and Windows 7 laptops with new Windows 8 tablets.

Gartner analyst Michael Gartenberg, told The New York Times that Microsoft went into the tablet market as they "could not rely on others to deliver on their vision for Windows 8 in mobile computing".