Microsoft inks deal with RIM

Microsoft inks deal with RIM

Microsoft has inked a deal with Research In Motion (RIM), which allows the BlackBerry maker to license the tech firm's exFAT file system.

Under the terms of the deal, RIM will be able to incorporate exFAT into its BlackBerry smartphones, which will enable the mobile devices to share data across a host of platforms.

David Kaefer, general manager of intellectual property (IP) licensing for Microsoft, said: "This agreement with RIM highlights how a modern file system, such as exFAT can help directly address the specific needs of customers in the mobile industry."

The platform can support large file sizes, up to 256TB, and improved the speed of file transfers and the management of free space, which can increase productivity for business users.

Microsoft's deal with RIM follows on the back of similar licensing agreement between the tech firm and Sharp, with the exFAT technology set to be used in the company's Android smartphones.