Microsoft has ‘killed’ Nokia’s short-term future

Microsoft has ‘killed’ Nokia’s short-term future

Microsoft's decision not to upgrade current smartphones with its new Windows Phone 8 operating system will kill the short-term future of Nokia.

That is the opinion of David Akka, UK managing director for, who said that businesses and consumers will not buy Windows Phone 7 handsets as they look set to wait for the newer OS.

"The fact that Windows Phone 7 users will not be able to upgrade to Windows Phone 8 will basically kill the next two to three months for Nokia," he explained.

Mr Akka went on to explain that Microsoft may be well-placed to buy out struggling manufacturer Research in Motion, particularly as the firm is investing so much money in protecting its position in the mobile device industry with its Surface tablet.

"Even if they put Blackberry's OS on them, that makes a lot of sense. I think Nokia is dead and I think Microsoft will develop its own phone – very much like the Surface."

The expert also indicated that the mobile device industry has changed dramatically, with firms now looking to produce a whole range of equipment, rather than focusing on smartphones or tablets.