Microsoft adapts Intune for further BYOD integration

Microsoft adapts Intune for further BYOD integration

Microsoft has unveiled the latest iteration of Intune and the updates to its System Centre Configuration Manager.

The changes will allow BYOD users to download and manage company-approved iOS and Android applications or run them through VDI.

Brad Anderson, corporate vice president of the management and security division at Microsoft, urged companies to allow employees to use their own devices for work.

He said that not doing so will mean firms are unable to recruit the best talent.

"Your users will be wildly, wildly happy, they'll be more productive, they will look at you honestly as their hero," he suggested.

The updates will allow users to download and use applications from Android and iOS markets that have been deemed safe for corporate data by the policy set centrally by the firm.

Microsoft believes the new developments will make it easier for companies to set up their own sites for approved applications.