MDM should be liberal but firm, says Gartner

MDM should be liberal but firm, says Gartner

Even though businesses are worried about data loss associated with the bring your own device (BYOD) trend, one analyst has warned that policies must be flexible.

Gartner vice president and distinguished analyst John Girard said that organisations need to adapt to the changing working environment quickly.

One of the several mobile device management (MDM) reality checks that Girard shared with the audience at the Security and Risk Management Summit covered the pitfalls of the mandatory device reset.

Mr Girard urged firms to have BYOD model restrictions in place and have email pass through certification and a basic MDM security policy.

He went on to explain that some BYOD policies are too rigid or lax and the policies fail to address the issues associated with the growth of the trend.

In order for a mobility strategy to work, Mr Girard suggests that business give users the choice to opt-in to company's MDM, and use trust and their existing measures as a fall back.