MDM leads to productivity and security

MDM leads to productivity and security

The rise of the bring your own device (BYOD) trend has brought with it the introduction of mobile device management (MDM) in many organisations, as businesses look to protect the data, applications and systems their workers are accessing through smartphones and tablets.

While some members of staff are against the use of the technology, as they feel it impacts their privacy, the majority understand the reasons behind its introduction.

Security is a major benefit of the technology, such as Maas360 from Fiberlink and DME from Excitor, as they allow companies to keep track of devices, protect their data and also remotely wipe gadgets should they be lost, stolen or compromised by a cyber attack.

However, security is not the only plus point of the applications, as they can also be used to boost productivity and efficiency for firms that adopt it and make the best use of it.

Analysts at Gartner and Spiceworks have noted that productivity and security challenges can each be overcome by BYOD policies and MDM, creating a "productive mobile workforce".

The use of MDM solutions allow IT managers to get to grips with the huge amount of data that they and their employees are now dealing with.

MDM products also help IT professionals to manage BYOD security and policy enforcement and manage mobile data by creating a single view of data transmitted via multiple devices on a network.

Once the solution has been rolled out within a business and all devices come under its influence, companies can understand just what they are dealing with and get a handle on mobility needs within an organisation.

This can help a company become more streamlined and able to deal with any problems that occur rapidly and without an extended lag time, where the issue will only grow.

A recent Gartner study published indicated that workers are making use of as many as four gadgets to log onto work emails, applications and systems, which makes it more important than ever for companies to look at the use of MDM.