Malware for Android platforms highlights need for MDM

Malware for Android platforms highlights need for MDM

Android-based mobile devices have become a greater target for malware, according to new research.,

A recent study by internet security company McAfee, found that there are nearly 700,000 new varieties of harmful files aimed at what is now one of the most popular mobile platforms available on the market

Despite the increase in the amount of malware aimed at mobile devices, there are still less variants than those that attack personal computers.

The report pointed out that there were a total 20 million samples in the last quarter, well below the 403 million found to be affecting PCs.

One of the main reasons remains the fact that mobile devices are still a relatively new area for cyber criminals, with strategies for turning compromised devices into cash cows now immediately obvious to many.

Yet Mike Fey, chief technology officer for McAfee, told eWEEK: “The reality is that we will have to deal with security in the mobile environment; the question is where do you deal with it, which part of the supply chain?"

“Based on the user models, different parts of the ecosystem can deal with it.”

There is a belief that is app stores such as Google Play and the Apple Store do their bit for security and that it should be enough to keep data safe. However, third-party software may still be needed to safeguard your devices, while additionally, any company deploying a fleet of devices as part of a BYOD strategy will still need to install mobile device management (MDM) software.

The issue of MDM is set to become more important over the course of the next few years with Forrester predicting that one third of tablets will be in use for business, in a move that could coincide with a decline in the use of laptops and personal computers.

One option MaaS360 from Fiberlink, which is a cloud-based data security and device management application, utilising native applications and Exchange Active Sync to support BYOD policies.

Another is DME from Excitor, and on-premise solution that provides a secure email, browser and Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) plus MDM.