Liverpool found to be top 4G location

Liverpool found to be top 4G location

The rise of 4G mobile broadband has been nothing short of meteoric, yet some areas are still picking up greater speeds than others.

While London remains the centre of the UK's business universe, it is surprisingly finding itself lagging behind many others in terms of achieving high 4G connection speeds.

In fact, new figures suggest that Liverpool is the city with the fastest 4G LTE signal in Britain.

A study by online phone shop compiled research gathered by the OpenSignak app, testing the signal of 30,000 mobile users in 25 towns and cities across England and Wales.

The figures are drawn from UK's four major networks: Three, EE, Vodafone and O2.

EE was the first network to offer 4G LTE back in 2013, merging the combined spectrum of Orange and T-Mobile.  

A year later O2, Vodafone and Three joined the 4G race and the offering superior coverage has since become a priority for all of the country's networks.

Liverpool topped the rundown with an impressive average speed of 21.3 Mbps, closely followed by Brighton (21.2 Mbps), Stoke-on-Trent (19.5 Mbps), south Hampshire (16.7 Mbps) and Sheffield (16.7Mbps).

All of the top eight locations beat the national speed average of 15.1 Mbps, which was recorded by telecoms regulator Ofcom at the end of last year.

However, Greater London failed to beat that average, clocking in an average speed of 13.8 Mbps to appear at a lowly number 11.

With an average of just 6.5 Mbps, Kingston upon Hull finished second-bottom, while Teeside recorded an average of just 5 Mbps.

Industry expert Ernest Doku of, told "Your mobile data speeds can vary even between locations in close proximity.

"It's important to choose a network with good coverage not just where you live, but where you work, go out and regularly travel to."