Liquid repellent products the big hit at MWC

Liquid repellent products the big hit at MWC

The Mobile World Congress saw a wide range of new and innovative products that will hit the market soon, but perhaps the most exciting was a liquid repellent nano-coating technology that can waterproof a phone.

Water has long been the leading cause of damage to mobile phones, with 30 per cent of respondents to a recent P2i survey admitting to spilling something on their handset.

As more and more people take their mobile phone everywhere with them, including a pub or a cafe, spilling incidents are likely to increase.

However, P2i's polymer could put an end to people desperately trying to dry their smartphones after a cup of tea or coffee has been knocked over.

By applying a molecule-thick coating to every internal and external component of a mobile device within the controlled confines of a plasma chamber means users can accidentally drop their device in the toilet, sink or in a puddle of water without fear of it breaking.

The P2i survey also indicated that 51 per cent of consumers now want water protection as standard.