Like the iPhone 5, iOS 6 is ‘refinement not revolution’

Like the iPhone 5, iOS 6 is ‘refinement not revolution’

The new iOS 6 operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users has been described as a refinement, rather than a revolution.

This attitude is replicated in the iPhone 5, according to associate editor Olivia Solon.

She said that this software has been in beta since June, with the major changes being with the Maps application, which has caused a "furore".

"Apple has remade its own proprietary maps system to try to rival Google Maps. It's bought up a number of map companies and has created this new mapping system, with turn-by-turn driving instructions and [the ability to] read aloud your directions in the Siri voice," she explained.

3D qualities have been added to the Maps app, however, these have not worked out very well so far, causing anger among consumers.

Ms Solon said that privacy settings have also changed, in that app developers have to ask permission to access personal data, with users being able to turn this ability off in individual programmes.

Elsewhere, Siri has been improved so that the personal assistant is even more useful, while Facebook integration is included to allow for the sharing of photos or locations.

Passbook will hold cinema tickets, vouchers and boarding passes, and FaceTime can now be used over a data network, rather than just Wi-Fi.