LG working on new ‘curved phone’

LG working on new 'curved phone'

LG has long been a company associated with innovatively designed products and if rumours on social media are anything to go by, it may be about to continue that trend.

The LG Flex has set the tone for the curved smartphone, but according to blogger Evan Blass, a man well-known for leaking the latest and greatest in the tech world on his Twitter account things are about to change slightly.

He tweeted: "LG's also got a handset with curved display in the works – but this one wraps over the top of the device."

That information suggests the new smartphone will have a screen that will roll around the top, either as an alternative to the side curves of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, or one that goes all the way over the top to create a new screen.

Whichever direction LG decide to take it is likely to be a new one, with last year's LG G Flex 2 boasting a slight flex in the screen and chassis.

Reports have already suggested there could be something in the rumours, with rumours gathering pace that a new G Flex next year is unlikely.

Consumers and businesses alike are likely to be relying on hearsay for the next few weeks, with LG unlikely to comment until the new year, particularly ahead of CES 2016 in January.