Key Lime Pie the new Google flavour?

Key Lime Pie the new Google flavour?

Google's obsession with naming its Android operating system updates after desserts seems set to continue with its latest addition, Key Lime Pie.

Rumours suggest the smartphone and tablet update will follow on from Ice Cream Sandwich, Google's most recent update.

Ice Cream Sandwich was released last October, but it seems Google is not prepared to rest on its laurels as the internet giant hinted at a Jelly Bean update in the coming months – its stand at the Mobile World Congress was full of bowls of the sweets.

Even before Jelly Bean has been released, reports are suggesting Key Lime Pie is in the offing.

It's not clear if Key Lime Pie will be a fully fledged version of Android itself, possibly 6.0, or a minor update from Jelly Bean.

Some experts are speculating that the new update could bring smartphones, tablets and computers together in one operating system for all platforms.