Jury retire to consider Android copying verdict

Jury retire to consider Android copying verdict

The jury sitting in the case of Oracle versus Google has retired to decide if the internet search giant copied large chunks of its Android operating system from elsewhere.

Oracle accused executives at Google of knowingly avoiding paying for a licence to use elements of the Java programming language in Android.

Java is a major part of Android and its applications, and with the Anroid operating system quickly becoming the world's most used, the stakes are high.

A decision in favour of Oracle could cost Google a vast sum of money, with some believing it could reach $1 billion.

The first stage of the case covered Oracle's claim of copyright infringement of Java APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, by Google.

The ready-made software components make it much easier for apps to 'talk' to an operating system such as Android, making them absolutely vital within Google's smartphone operating system.

Oracle lawyer Michael Jacobs said: "If Google can just take the APIs and be forgiven under fair use, that licensing falls apart."