IT managers need MDM to keep up with hardware advances

IT managers need MDM to keep up with hardware advances

There have been plenty advances in mobile devices over the last few years and progress seems to show little sign of faltering, with Apple and, in the next few months, BlackBerry releasing new devices.

Hardware has become so sophisticated that the computing power of many smartphones has overtaken that used to deliver the Apollo 11 space program.

Government legislation regarding flexible working has ensured that many of these devices are becoming an increasingly central part of the modern workplace.

While increased power and capabilities represent something of an attractive proposal for many firms, there is a subsequently greater need for adequate security solutions.

By their very nature, many mobile devices find themselves permanently connected to a public network and don't have the advantage of being in a secure private network, subjected to security patches and updates.

There are a number of infectious dangers out there, with barely a day passing without a new threat dominating the headlines, meaning that having a mobile device management (MDM) capable of staying ahead of the game is now more important than ever.

MDM is sometimes criminally overlooked by companies underestimating the nature of many threats and their effect on corporate systems.

While it is important to find an appropriate MDM solution, it is also worth point out that it is not a 'quick fix' solution and has to come alongside other practices.

Devices used in the workplace need to be operating the right operating system software level and should never be Jailbroken or Rooted.

Passcodes and device encryption should always be used, as well as the ability to wipe devices remotely in cases where they are lost and stolen.

The advances in technology are likely to continue over the coming years, but companies need to ensure that a culture of security runs from top to bottom in order to enjoy the benefits of mobile working, without any fears of the consequences.