iPhone 5S to feature biometric security?

iPhone 5S to feature biometric security?

The Apple iPhone is due for an update in the coming months and as with every previous product off the Cupertino production line the rumours have already begun to surface.

One of the major new changes that have been suggested is the introduction of biometric security, with fingerprint scanners rumoured to be added to the iPhone 5S when it hits the market in the second or third quarter of 2013.

Speculation about the technology being introduced to Apple products began when the firm filed a patent in 2012 surrounding the feature.

The rumours will go some way to allay the fears of Rene Ritchie from iMore, who recently called on Apple to make a bigger impact with its new smartphones and tablets, as recent new products have been more evolutionary than revolutionary, much to the disappointment of tech fans and professionals looking to utilise the devices.

"While the iPhone 5 was almost entirely new from a manufacturing standpoint, because it had the same general, flat, rounded rectangle design as its predecessor, it was criticised by some consumers, and more than its fair share of tech pundits, for being boring," he said.

There looks to be some truth behind the rumours of biometric technology, particularly when Apple's purchase of AuthenTec is taken into account.

The firm creates biometric scanners and the fact Apple made the decision to buy it means that fingerprint technology will be coming to its devices at some point in the future, even if it does not appear on the 5S.

Adding the technology to devices would increase security dramatically, allowing only the permitted user to access the documents and files contained on it. This extra layer of defence would be welcomed by professionals and business alike, particularly as flaws were recently exposed in the current passcode feature.

Thieves were able to hack into a number of Apple devices by gaining access to software that bypassed the security codes.

As well as the biometric security, rumours are suggesting that the new iPhone off the Cupertino production line could feature near-field communications (NFC) to ensure secure in-store transactions.