iPhone 5 to receive a larger screen

iPhone 5 to receive a larger screen

Just days after the launch of the new iPad, attention has already turned to the next gadget that will be unveiled by Apple.

Rumours suggest that the next gadget from the Cupertino tech giant will be a new iPhone, with many claiming it will feature a bigger, 4.6-inch screen, in a bid to compete with the displays offered by Android smartphones.

This would mark the first screen size increase since 2007.

Should Apple opt for a larger display, it may have to adopt a much higher resolution, possibly 1,200 x 800 pixels, a 25 per cent increase on the current 960 x 640 screen.

The new model is rumoured to be hitting the market later this year, with experts predicting a September or October launch date, following the success of the iPhone 4S, which was unveiled last October and sold 37 million units in the final quarter of the year.