iPad to become more popular among businesses

iPad to become more popular among businesses

The new iPhone 5 is the first smartphone from Apple to ship with long term evolution (LTE) mobile broadband, allowing consumers to access a 4G connection.

However, with phone providers often setting restrictive data usage barriers in their tariffs, it could lead to many people receiving a hefty bill if they go over their limit.

Devices capable of connecting to 4G will become the norm in the coming years, so it is important that owners learn how they can avoid wasting all of their allowance.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has published an infographic advising how smartphone owners can take control. It advises downloading applications to monitor data usage on a regular basis.

Using secure Wi-Fi for purchasing larger programmes and viewing video files was advised, particularly when at home. Data roaming should be turned off when heading overseas, while knowing what your deal entails in the first place is also crucial.

Settings can also be changed to reduce the amount of 4G data which is being consumed. For example, location services can be disabled, while mobile websites should be accessed where possible as they are small in detail and size.