iPad mini set to be popular among BYOD adopters

iPad mini set to be popular among BYOD adopters

The new Apple iPad mini, which will be available in a matter of days, is set to become a very popular device among professionals working for businesses allowing the bring your own device (BYOD) trend.

Apple's place in the market and reputation for producing great devices will no doubt see people queuing to get their hands on the device.

Forrester analyst, Frank Gillet, noted that the iPad mini will become a successful device, particularly in the workplace due to its brand, size and affordability.

However, one industry analyst has claimed that the expected popularity of the smaller version of the iPad could actually lead to difficulties for companies embracing BYOD, especially those already struggling to support wireless devices.

Chris Kozup, EMEA senior marketing director at Aruba Networks, said that the mobile industry is continue to grow at a rapid rate and the majority of people now carry multiple devices around with them.

Whether it is a tablet, a smartphone or a laptop, people are expecting to simply be able to log on to their company network and work from personal devices.

"Consumerisation is no doubt a disruptive force to traditional IT models, and as such the role of the IT team is changing too," said Mr Kozup. "Gone are the days when IT departments were relied upon solely to impart wisdom through technical support – today's workforce is increasingly tech-savvy, with many employees now having grown up in the wireless era. Indeed, as the workforce gradually gets younger and more technically able, organisations really have little choice but to embrace BYOD."

Peter Doggart, senior director of global marketing at Crossbeam systems, explained that the iPad mini will be one of the major consumer devices this year, meaning that businesses will need to integrate them into an already packed range of devices they support.

Worryingly, ahead of the launch of the new devices, Ovum reported that the majority of corporate BYOD programmes are "inadequately managed by IT departments", something which they could be further tested on with new iPad's coming into the office in the next few months.