IC3 offers tips to avoid smartphone malware

IC3 offers tips to avoid smartphone malware

The growth of Android smartphones being used for corporate use is leading to a number of security challenges.

According to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), various types of malware are being used to attack these devices to access the sensitive information they may contain.

However, there are ways that professionals can reduce the risk they are exposed to by taking a number of sensible steps highlighted by the organisation.

Understanding the features present in a new smartphone can help business users adjust their device to limit exposure. The organisation recommends turing off features of the device that are not needed, as this will reduce the potential areas that can be attacked by malware.

Taking the opportunity to encrypt a device is important as this can be added to a standard passcode to protect the personal information of the user and any corporate information they may have stored on their smartphone.

Of course, a passcode is the first layer of security that should be included on a mobile device, to prevent people from just picking it up and accessing data. Alongside this security feature it is also important to enable a screen lock mode. This will again prevent the phone from being accessed by those who find or steal the device.

Malware protection is crucial, particularly for those using Android devices, and for those downloading applications onto the mobile device.

The growth of wireless networks in the UK is helping professionals access corporate data on the move, boosting efficiency. However, Wi-Fi hotspots and networks can pose security, as they could form rogue access points that capture information passed between devices and a server.

Therefore, it is paramount to only access Wi-Fi networks that are recognised, safe and secure.

Once these measures have been put in place security risks will be reduced, but IC3 revealed that data must be wiped after the device is no longer in use. Restoring the factory default settings will remove personal and corporate data from the devices, ensuring it does not fall into the wrong hands.