HTC and Sharp show off next-gen screens

HTC and Sharp show off next-gen screens

Two next-generation screens have been shown off by Sharp and HTC which appear to be better than those included in Apple and Samsung products.

HTC's J Butterfly device has a five-inch display which offers 440 pixels-per-inch, giving it between 25 and 40 per cent higher resolution than that of screens found in Apple or Samsung products. It also makes it the world's first 1080p smartphone display.

Sharp has also unveiled its new Aquos Pad tablet which makes use of Igzo technology to provide sharper images while using less power. This should enable people to get more functionality from their portable device on a single charge.

HTC's new product will be released in Japan in December but unfortunately will not be heading over to the West. However, a variation of the device will no doubt be produced, and HTC is expected to use the screen in other products in the near future.

The Aquos Pad utilises a new kind of liquid-crystal display which have higher translucency than standard TFT screens. This allows light to pass through them more easily and as a result fewer LEDs are needed for backlighting.

A result of this is that the screen will take up less room and power, while it also enables manufacturers to slim down the size of the device. Demonstrating this, Sharp claims that its new tablet can last two-and-a-half times longer than its predecessor, while a stylus can also be used in connection with an improved touch interface for writing notes – rather than having to type them in.

The next week or so appears to be a busy one in the technology calendar, with a number of devices expected to be announced.

Apple is rumoured to be launching a mini iPad with a screen around seven or eight inches in size, while Samsung will follow this up with the Galaxy Note 2.

Microsoft will get in on the act with the launch event for Windows 8 and the smartphone version will follow before the end of October.