Growth of mobile devices leading to demand for MDM

Growth of mobile devices leading to demand for MDM

The continued growth of tablets and smartphones within the workplace is leading to more and more business looking to implement stricter and more stringent security measures.

Many are choosing to go down the route of mobile device management (MDM) in a bid to increase their control over the devices used by their employees, particularly when it comes to remove sensitive and important information from lost or stolen devices.

Traditionally the software and security solutions were only used on enterprise-owned mobile devices, but the proliferation of personal smartphones and tablets is leading to the need to utilise MDM, and in some cases mobile application management (MAM), more often.

According to Tech Circle the shift in the technology used within businesses and the rise of the cloud is leading to a growth in the use of these solutions within corporate infrastructures.

The site revealed that MDM and MAM activity has risen dramatically in recent months, with the number of transactions in the industry surpassing the entire number in 2011 by 42.8 per cent.

When it comes to MDM, Fiberlink and and Excitor provide two high quality additions to the market in the shape of MaaS360 and Dynamic Mobile Exchange (DME) respectively.

Both solutions can help a businesses monitor the use of mobile devices by employees from one single place, with the option to remote wipe any gadget that is lost or stolen, thus reducing the dangers of data falling into the wrong hands.

DME addresses areas that impact the safety of personal mobile device usage by managing, administering and securing a company's entire mobile fleet and keeping constant track of all mobile data costs.

The solution offers secure access to corporate email, calendar, contacts and documents to any employee on a broad range of smartphones and mobile devices.

MaaS360 from Fiberlink also has the ability to protect a business from potentially embarrassing data losses and was recently recognised by the 2013 SIIA Software CODiE Awards.

It was nominated for three categories, including Best Enterprise Mobile Service, Best Mobile Device Application for Enterprises and Best Cloud Application Service.