Growth in Wi-Fi boosts business flexibility

Growth in Wi-Fi boosts business flexibility

Wi-Fi hotspots have been popping up all over the place in the UK, allowing people to continuing working on the move and one expert believes the growth will help the bring your own device trend become a success.

John Gallagher, director of public and analysis relations at iPass, said that there is a focus on providing easy, cost-effective data access at the moment.

"I think we'll see a lot more focus on Wi-Fi, which is expected to grow by four-and-a-half times in the next three years. We're going to see huge growth in Wi-Fi."

He went on to note that the BYOD trend, which is being implemented within many firms, was initially a concern for businesses, but he noted those that embraced the technology have seen huge success.

"Importantly they have got control over the data and [there are] those who are looking at 'bring your own network' already, and there are companies looking at controlling their network profit too."

Mr Gallagher recently urged businesses embracing BYOD to contribute to the data bills of their employees, but noted that workers often seek out Wi-Fi hotspots in order to limit the cost to their organisation.