Google set to close Sync for BlackBerry

Google set to close Sync for BlackBerry

Google's traditional spring cleaning of its range of applications could see the end of Sync for BlackBerry smartphones.

From June 1st, Google is set to end support for the application, with those who have not downloaded the app being unable to do so from that date.

A Blackberry spokesman told The Inquirer that Google's decision to pull its support for the application will not impact users of BlackBerry handsets.

Business users will still be able to synchronise calendars and contacts to their smartphone.

"All the functionality that was included in the Google Sync app is built-in to the Blackberry service for consumer and business customers," the spokesman explained.

Google is encouraging users to switch to BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) or the Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server, as both offer a better service and enable users to sync email messages, calendar and contacts through a single service.

Another app set to fall victim of the spring clean is the mobile Google Talk application, which will be closed in favour of native Google Talk for Android and other mobile platforms.