Google set to announce new tablet

Google set to announce new tablet

Google is set to announce its new Nexus 7 tablet at its annual I/O conference in San Francisco this week.

A Google tablet has been rumoured for a while, but a time frame has never been revealed, however many experts believe now is the time that the internet giant will unveil its device.

Tom Mainelli, an analyst at IDC, said: "Let's put it this way, I'm 100 per cent sure they will launch a tablet before midyear, and as far as I know, I/O is their big splash."

According to the analyst, the tablet will be made by Asustek Computer, and will feature a seven-inch screen.

"In a lot of ways it has the same strategic purpose as Microsoft's tablet: It wants to ensure that Google is a player in the tablet operating-system marketplace," said Ezra Gottheil, a senior analyst with Technology Business Research.

It is thought the move is part of Google's aim to make its Android operating system as successful on tablets as it has been in the smartphone market.