Google releases new Android patch update

Google releases new Android patch update

Google has reportedly fixed 19 bugs in its March update, including two critical problems in its Mediaserver service.

Mediaserver has often been cited as the source of battery-problems on Android devices, and is widely believed to be one of the worst flaws affecting current hardware.

Google's security team discovered that the platform could be used to cause remote code execution by sending a rigged email, MMS or even a media file played through the browser.

It is the latest move to address bugs and weaknesses in the Android operating system, with critical flaws discovered by Google in nearly every update since the introduction of patches back in August, which saw the discovery of the Stage fright bug.

The March update includes fixes for seven critical flaws, as well as ten high-impact bugs and two moderate issues.

Five of the problems discovered affected Android versions dating back to KitKat 4.4.4.

However, despite release of the new patch, those still running Android KitKat are likely to be vulnerable to the latest Mediaserver bugs until they buy a new handset.

KitKat still powers 35 per cent of all Android devices, while Android M only accounts for 1.2 per cent.

Google says partners such as Samsung, LG, Sony, and BlackBerry have already been notified of the March fixes, adding that it was not aware of the bugs being exploited.

BlackBerry, which is one of the newest smartphone manufacturers to get on board with the platform, has been the first company to deliver the new patches, delivering it to its Android-powered Priv handsets.