Google Play replaces Android Market to take on Apple

Google Play replaces Android Market to take on Apple

Google Play has launched and replaced the Android Market as the tech giant attempts to take on Apple's iTunes and App Store domination.

The rebranding contains more than 450,000 applications, along with millions of songs, books and movies.

Products can be sampled or previewed before buying, while application ratings can also be read.

The power of the cloud is harnessed in Google Play, allowing users to download a book on their Android phone and then be able to read it on the web. Music can be downloaded on a tablet and then listened to on a desktop computer, meaning that purchases only need to be downloaded once.

Google Play contains staff and editorial picks, while a special section for tablet users ensures that consumers are getting applications which are suited to their device.

Indeed, it’s that web-based idea that is much of the reason for Google’s revamp. They want to emphasise that a Play account allows users to access all their content, of which Android apps are just a small part, from anywhere they can get online," added the Daily Telegraph's Matt Warman.