Google begins Android Jelly Bean rollout

Google begins Android Jelly Bean rollout

Google users are beginning to see the rollout of the firm's new Android Jelly Bean operating system (OS).

Those with the HSPA+ version of Samsung's Galaxy Nexus are the first to receive the updated version of Android, which provides a host of benefits, including an improved search experience.

Google says it has improved Voice Search so that it can display answers to spoken questions from sources including Wikipedia, the CIA World Factbook and Freebase, despite Apple's protests over the similarity to its Siri feature.

It has also introduced Google Now which provides users with information without the need to actively trigger a query.

"Google Now tells you today's weather before you start your day, how much traffic to expect before you leave for work, or your favourite team's score as they're playing," said the firm in an update to the Nexus page on its Google+ social network.

A court in the US recently imposed a sales ban on the Galaxy Nexus after Apple's complaints, but the ban was later overturned, with many believing Google would make adjustments to its voice search feature.