Google announces the development of iOS Sync

Google announces the development of iOS Sync

Google, in its efforts to diversify its portfolio of offerings and reach more audiences, has announced the creation of a new mobile management system for Apple that runs parallel with its Android equivalent.

iOS Sync for Google Apps providers employees and employers with increased security when it comes to mobile working. Accordingly, it protects files, emails and documents on Apple devices, whether it is an iPhone and iPad.

"Marvel and DC Comics, Star Wars and Star Trek, Emacs and VI—we all have our favourites," Google's Clayton Jones commented in a blog post.

"And then there’s iOS and Android, each with dedicated fans. Regardless of which you prefer, there’s no reason your device of choice should get in the way of your work."

There are supplementary security features, including being able to create a mechanism that prompts workers to "enrol their device" when they log into systems like Google Drive and Gmail.

Other exciting features include the ability to configure Wi-Fi networks, whereby employers set up passwords and certificates to further bolster security; the ability to block certain devices and data encryption.

The announcement of this comes on the back of Google rebranding its Enterprise Division. Now known as Google for Work, there is a real push to promote this area of the tech giant's business.

"Work is more than calculating profits, balancing supply and demand or pushing paper," it states on its official website.

"Work is people coming together to dream, create, hack, hustle and make. People should connect easily to share ideas, develop them together, and get things done from anywhere."

Put simply, it is about ensuring that technology makes working life more streamlined, easier and enjoyable. Technology should not add to bureaucracy or complicate things. Mobile device management is seen as a burgeoning area, with real potential across all facets of life.