Flexible working key to greater productivity

Flexible working key to greater productivity

Two-in-five employees work away from the office for at least half of the week but managers are still not doing enough to encourage flexible working, according to research. 

The concept  was placed back in the spotlight due to the Work Wise week, which culminated in National Work from Home Day.

The aim of the week was to encourage a culture of working remotely, by using techniques such as video meetings rather than having to travel into the office.

It comes on the back of a study by office space firm Regus, which found that just over half of all bosses allow flexible working, leading to over a third of workers claiming to sacrifice sleep for the sake of work, either by getting up earlier or working later hours.

Meanwhile, one-in-five parents have claimed that their work has had a negative influence over their home life.

According to the study, three-quarters of employees claim that they would be more productive if they were given the opportunity to work flexibly.

Another 84 per cent of employees believe that being given a choice of work location and hours enhances the chances of developing loyalty towards their employer, leading to greater staff retention.

Yet the concept seems to have failed to have taken off in many workplaces up and down the country, with 72 per cent of respondents declaring that their employers were more likely to view those who arrive early and leave late as the most hard working.

Steve Purdy, managing director of Regus, said: "There is growing recognition that working closer to home – rather than at home – is often the best way to improve wellbeing and remain productive.

"In fact, one of the main reasons people use our centres today is to bridge this gap between between the traditional office and the home office."

It seems that there has not been enough progress since Regus published its last survey on the subject, which was released earlier this year. It suggested that only 38 per cent of companies give flexible working options to senior staff only.