Eurotunnel to install mobile network

Eurotunnel to install mobile network

Rail passengers travelling on the Eurotunnel will soon be able to make telephone calls from 250 feet below the English channel.

The French government has announced plans to make the Channel Tunnel "3G and 2G enabled" by the start of the London Olympics in July.

An Industry Ministry spokesman in Paris said: "This infrastructure will allow passengers using the tunnel to use communication services in 2G and 3G. This is not currently possible."

Under current conditions, passengers on the high speed railway spend 20 minutes without any contact with those above ground.

The system will then go live just before the Olympics begins, an event which is expected to see thousands travelling to the UK from France.

An official signing of the agreement between Eurotunnel and four mobile operators is due to take place later this month, under the supervision of Éric Besson, the French Industry minister.

The new network will allow business users to keep in touch with colleagues and clients at all times on their journey through the tunnel.