EE unveils 4G rollout plans

EE unveils 4G rollout plans

Everything Everywhere (EE) chief executive Olaf Swantee has announced plans for the rollout of the operators new 4G mobile services.

It is expected that the 4G network will be available in London, Birmingham, Cardiff and Bristol within weeks, with a total of 16 cities fully-operational by Christmas.

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who was a supporter of the launch of free Wi-Fi hotpsots in the capital during the London 2012 Olympics, hailed EE's promise to give London "the greatest 4G network in the world".

However, Mr Swantee also noted that the network will be focused on rural areas, deploying networks to help people who currently have no access to fixed broadband speeds.

"You can use 4G as an alternative to fixed broadband in areas where there are not many fibre cables," said Mr Swantee.

He revealed that areas of Wales, Cornwall and Cumbria will receive the technology next year, as part of the company's aim to cover 98 per cent of the UK population by the end of 2014.