Doctors using smartphones and tablets for work purposes

Doctors using smartphones and tablets for work purposes

The proliferation of smartphones and tablets is continuing at a pace, with the medical profession the latest to begin using mobile devices for work-related purposes.

Dr Joseph Kim, president of Medical Communications Media and founder of, said that the use of mobile devices has largely expanded in the profession.

"These digital tools are allowing them to not only look up information but be very patient-specific," he explained.

The expert went on to note that doctors and nurses are using smartphones and tablets to interact with social communities, allowing them to securely share information with one another.

Information is safe and secure on the platform, and the practice does not violate patient privacy rules laws or regulations.

Social platforms are allowing medical professionals to share ideas and information on successful treatments for rare conditions, boosting patient care.

Dr Kim concluded: "A lot of what you could have done on your desktop or laptop computer is now getting translated over to the mobile device."