Details of next iPhone leaked

Image: Pinkypills via iStock

Plans for the next iPhone have apparently been leaked by an anonymous Apple employee.

According to Business Insider, the smartphone is currently in development in the company’s Israel offices. The employee stated that staff members in Israel work on all of Apple’s new products.

Expected to be called the iPhone 8, the device will likely be released in 2017 and is predicted to feature a complete redesign. The anonymous Apple workers told Business Insider that the new device would be “different” to previous ones.

The company has faced some criticism for making the iPhone 7’s design too similar to the iPhone 6S.

Even the name will mark a departure from Apple’s standard processes. The company tends to release a numbered smartphone to be followed by the ‘S’ model, for example, the iPhone 6 that preceded the iPhone 6S.

The new device has been rumoured by industry insiders to feature a screen that stretches from edge to edge, eliminating the bezel containing the home button and fingerprint sensor as well as the front-facing camera.

Fortune has suggested that the fingerprint sensor could be placed under the glass of the display.

Currently, details are limited about the upcoming device. However, the source reported that the camera will see an improvement. This is fairly standard for Apple, with the camera usually upgraded with new devices.

It is also thought at this stage that the next iPhone will feature wireless charging.

The new device will be launched on the ten-year anniversary of Apple making smartphones, so it is expected by many that the released device will be a more significant upgrade than the traditional release cycle would suggest.

Apple has not commented on the reports.