Demand for MDM products set to increase

Demand for MDM products set to increase

The demand for mobile device management (MDM) products is about to experience substantial growth over the next four years.

That is the main finding of new research from TechNavio, which claims the MDM market could see a combined annual growth rate of 22.7 per cent up until 2019.

Demand for MDM has largely been driven by the increased use of personal devices within the workplace, many of which are operated as part of a bring your own device (BYOD) approach.

Many of these mobile devices are reportedly involved in conducting financial transactions such as online bill payments, e-commerce and third-party transactions.

“The popularity of mobile transactions like online payments, e-commerce and third-party transactions has encouraged the use of mobile banking, but has also created the need for high-level security against hacking and manipulation,” said Faisal Ghaus, vice president of TechNavio.

As a result of those transactions, there has been an increased need of for big data analytics solutions, as well as an equally important need for better security against cybercrime.

Mr Ghaus added: “Big data solutions offer a wide range of services required for processing and analysing enterprise data, which is the main reason these solutions are becoming so widely accepted and adopted by enterprises on a large scale."

While MDM is certainly an important piece in any data security approach, it is just one aspect of what needs to be a layered and secured defence against any malicious users or breaches.

Many enterprises, no matter what their size, are beginning to recognise the importance of implementing a rigid BYOD policy that offers guidelines and recommendations on how employees should use their mobile device within the workplace, while also playing a role in training programmes aimed at encouraging best practice.