Delays hit 4G rollout in Channel Islands

Delays hit 4G rollout in Channel Islands

The rollout of the 4G network in the Channel Islands could be delayed, according to the Channel Islands Competition Regulatory Authority (CICRA) watchdog.

CICRA revealed that the States of Guernsey want to review the plans ahead of the work, which could push back the original 2013 launch date.

Previously the spectrum was to be given to providers for free, but Commerce and Employment in Guernsey wants to look again.

John Curran, chief executive of CICRA, said: "Until we sit down and talk to Commerce and Employment in Guernsey we won't know how long a delay would be."

He revealed that the consultation process on the launch of 4G would be postponed.

The consultation into awarding the 800MHz and 2.6GHz spectrum was originally started in the second half of April 2012.

However, Kevin Stewart, the current commerce and employment minister deputy said the islands were the only place in the world not to be selling radio spectrum to 4G operators.

He said he was surprised that the islands were prepared to give away scarce resources to potential operators as Ireland was expecting to make almost €300 million from the same process.