Crowds gather as iPhone 5 is released

Crowds gather as iPhone 5 is released

Apple fans have been queuing outside retail outlets around the world to be the first to get their hands on the iPhone 5, which was released today.

The anticipation around the device has been growing since it was unveiled to the media on September 12th, but the launch has not gone completely to plan.

Apple's decision to remove Google maps in favour of its own application has been widely criticised, with some experts saying it has been rushed and that it is the "most half-cooked piece of software Apple has released in memory".

Despite the teething problems, the new iPhone is expected to offer a great deal of new features that will help business users adopting the technology.

Productivity is expected to increase on the back of the launch of the next-generation device, due to improvements to Siri and a simplified email interface.

Each of these will cut the amount of time wasted on the current device and boost productivity dramatically.

Faster connectivity is also expected to boost efficiency as workers can download enterprise documents quicker, limiting the amount of downtime.