Company data security measures being ignored by workers

Company data security measures being ignored by workers

A number of employees working for firms in the UK are putting the sensitive information they access away from the office at risk by not adhering to their firm's IT policies.

Research conducted by IT management firm Quest Software indicated that 65 per cent of chief information officers (CIOs) are worried that workers are simply using the quickest and easiest method of sharing documents and information.

These ways of collaborating with colleagues are not always the safest in terms of data security and it could lead to leaks or breaches.

According to Quest's research, many CIOs believe that their members of staff are failing to take responsibility for the data they are accessing, using and sharing via the cloud and personal devices.

The desire to share data and potentially sensitive information quickly means that workers are ignoring IT policies put in place by their company. This has the potential to pose a security nightmare for IT departments within both small and large businesses.

One-third of responses from organisations that have suffered a data breach indicated that the problems had resulted in lost customer trust and damage to their reputation, which shows how important it is that companies have measures in place to protect them from the actions of employees.

Phil Allen, information security expert (EMEA), Quest Software, said: "We are seeing many organisations grapple with the consequences of ineffective information and access governance policies, including increased security breaches, decreased productivity and rising costs.

"Security systems have not been implemented with tech-savvy employees in mind. People therefore resort to the easiest way of sharing corporate data, and many do so without thinking about the consequences," he added.

Educating employees to the dangers of accessing sensitive corporate or customer information is vital, as well as implementing mobile device management, which helps firms to control any potential data leaks from personal devices that may fall into the wrong hands.