Companies to increase spending on mobile working

Companies to increase spending on mobile working

The amount of money being spent by employers on mobile technology solutions is set to increase in order to meet the rising demand for flexible working practices, a new survey has suggested.

A new law has been implemented across the UK that enables anyone that has been employed by a company for six months to ask for the opportunity to work flexibly.

If such a request is declined, a company must be able to give a valid reason for their decision.

New research has suggested there is already a substantial level of demand for being given flexibility in the workplace.

A poll conducted by LogMeIn canvassed the opinion of 1,000 UK employees and 500 bosses and found that 56 per cent of workers were thinking of making a request for flexible working.

This comes despite less than a third of employers (27 per cent) expecting there to be a demand for such practices within their workforce.

It seems clear that a large number of bosses remain skeptical about the benefits of flexible working, with only 24 of companies claiming they will offer it to their staff.

Despite the law, another 40 per cent of employers said they would not offer any plan for flexible working whatsoever.

There was one bright spot in results with 11 per cent of employers said they were planning to introduce the technology needed for mobile working, while more than two-thirds (67 per cent) claimed they already offered mobile or remote working technology to their members of staff.

Stephen Duignan, vice president of international marketing at LogMeIn, said: "The days of working nine to five in a physical office are waning. Thousands of time-poor Brits are working increasingly diverse hours and in diverse locations, with many workers starting early and/or putting in hours away from the office to balance personal and professional commitments."

He added that the availability of technology, such as the cloud, means that implementing flexible working practices has arguably never been easier.