BYOD smartphone market ‘billions not millions’, says ABI Research

BYOD smartphone market ‘billions not millions’, says ABI Research

By 2017 there will be 2.4 billion employees using smartphones, according to the latest figures from ABI Research.

It said that this is a growth rate of 17 per cent and is three-times the number that are currently being utilised.

The research showed that the most immediate opportunities can be found in the mobile business customer base, including those who use their smartphone for work reasons.

Organisations will need to place a greater emphasis on security with this growth in smartphone use, with many now able to connect to cloud networks and utilise near field communication technology.

Android is currently the leading operating system among business phones, and it is expected to grow by 56 per cent by 2017, however this depends on the success of Windows 8 and BlackBerry 10 platforms.

Dan Shey, enterprise practice director at ABI, said: "Billions' not 'millions' is the size of the bring your own device (BYOD) smartphone market. Mobility suppliers and enterprises need to think in terms of serving all employees with tools, apps, and services via their smartphones instead of only mobile employees or corporate liable employees."