BYOD could bring on the death of the desk phone

BYOD could bring on the death of the desk phone

Office landlines could soon become a thing of the past, with many young workers showing a preference to using their own wireless device, a new study has suggested.

The survey, which was conducted by Dimensional Research on behalf of Ring Central, found that that around half of office employees across the US primarily use their mobile phone for work purposes, even when they happen to be sat at their desk.

Entitled “Workforce BYOD Rises Dramatically”, the research consulted 309 IT buyers involved with business phone systems and BYOD initiatives in an effort to gauge their feelings about modern office technology.

A further 88 per cent said that they used their mobile phone for work during their personal time, while 70 per cent claimed that it was only a matter of time before the use of such devices rendered the traditional office landline obsolete.

Such a belief appears to be particularly strong among  'millennial' workers, with 74 per cent agreeing that the days of the office phone could soon be numbered.

Out of those who predict the demise of the traditional landline, 79 per cent said that they expect such an approach to be gone within two years.

To highlight the lack of faith in the current systems, only seven per cent were convinced that the office phone would still be used over the course of the next ten years.

And while half of workers admit to using their mobile device in the office, there is a seemingly ever-increasing number of employees using such technology to work both on the road (82 per cent) and from home (75 per cent).

Ring Central president David Berman said: “Mobility and BYOD are fundamentally changing business communications by allowing employees to communicate about work matters when, where and how they want, even during personal time."

“We believe that all these changes are making legacy on-premise phone systems obsolete as they do not meet modern business needs,” he added.